In Karachi, on May 2, 2023, the leading technology company in Pakistan’s home appliances market is Dawlance. For “Energy Performance Testing” of its refrigerators, Dawlance Testing & Verification Lab in Landhi, Karachi, recently received the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Due to their thorough adherence to international standards, Dawlance is the only refrigerator manufacturer in Pakistan to receive this international accreditation. The ‘Pakistan National Accreditation Council’ has issued the certification.

This recognition of Dawlance’s technological proficiency will also boost exports. The business seeks out ongoing developments to guarantee unparalleled convenience while helping customers save time and money. Dawlance Labs may now offer testing services to other industries thanks to this important ISO accreditation, as many other businesses require certifications and confirmation of the functioning of their goods.

As a fully owned subsidiary of Arcelik, the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, Dawlance has access to a wealth of resources and the financial stability to make investments in research and innovation that will enhance everyone’s quality of life. It has already created the most sophisticated inverter technology that uses low voltage and can be powered by generators, UPS systems, or even alternative energy sources like solar power. Dawlance refrigerators are well-known for claiming to save more than 55% on electricity and reliable performance to ensure environmental sustainability.

Umar Ahsan Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance, said “For more than 40 years now, Dawlance has been providing unmatched quality, customer care, and convenience for the masses. This ISO certification is another proof of the operational excellence of our Lab, as we are focused on energy conservation while enriching our products with revolutionary features to meet the evolving needs, preferences, and lifestyles of the consumers.”

Arcelik has already contributed more than 50 million euros to Dawlance over the years to support additional research, developments, and expansions. Our extensive line of innovative goods is the result of our profound understanding of how markets and technologies change over time. Dawlance is generously supporting numerous projects that aim to ensure long-term environmental sustainability and the socio-economic well-being of the masses as a considerate business citizen.

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