Dawlance refrigerator

Karachi: 20th July 2020. The leading manufacturer of innovative home-appliances – Dawlance has further enriched its latest series of refrigerators, with the advanced “Hybrid Cooling Technology” that promises to provide the most extended cooling retention for up to 6 days. This helps to extend the life of frozen food items and, as a result, offers longevity of life to food items; especially with the Eid ul Adha season approaching, it will be able to provide additional value to our consumers.

Since Food-Preservation has now become a necessity, as the lifestyle in households has become much busier, there is awareness among the consumers about the concept of food security, as socio-economic pressures have increased. Every family must take conscious measures to reduce food-wastage. Fortunately, the modern technology of Dawlance has provided this solution to meet the evolving needs of the society, which aids in reducing food wastage & curb food scarcity on a bigger scale.

Dawlance refrigerator

In Pakistan, where load-shedding and power outages are a daily occurrence, especially during the summer season; therefore, food preservation becomes a significant problem in the country.

The Director of Sales and Marketing at Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel, stated that:

“Food-wastage is a global concern now, and our research indicates that the masses are more aware of the concept of food security. So, our new range of products will prevent food-wastage despite the frequent power outages in Pakistan.”

Along with the Hybrid Cooling Technology, Dawlance has also introduced two other core technologies within its previously launched new refrigerator series that reflect, “Innovation inspired by nature.” These include; the ‘Nature Lock Technology’ that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 20 days and the ‘Vitamin-Fresh Technology’ that preserves vitamin A and C for longer durations.

Dawlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the largest enterprise in Turkey and the 3rd largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe. It is renowned for extensive research and highly-responsive Customer-Care based on multinational standards and a global vision to produce the highest level of quality.