Dawlance is an industry-leading enterprise in Pakistan with a generous Corporate Social Responsibility doctrine, to sponsor resourceful initiatives for socio-economic development. Inspired to contribute towards humanitarian well-being, the company’s employees have also collected and donated a generous amount to Indus Hospital Karachi, recently, for providing quality healthcare to the large population impacted by devastating rainstorms and super-floods, this year.

Every employee at Dawlance donated passionately to provide funds and enable relief and rehabilitation for unfortunate flood victims. This initiative will help large segments of the Pakistani population, after the natural disaster, which has left millions of people suffering without food, shelter, healthcare and other necessities of life.

The Dawlance brand has always been at the forefront to support society in overcoming major challenges, while it also conducted a large-scale relief programme during the Covid-19 pandemic, as millions of people had lost their livelihoods during that unprecedented global crisis.  Dawlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe – Arçelik, which also donated a large number of Respiratory-Ventilators and life-saving equipment to major hospitals in Pakistan, during the pandemic.

The Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) provides quality healthcare, absolutely FREE of cost, to millions of deserving patients through its countrywide network of tertiary and secondary-care hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, regional blood centers, community health centers, and public-health programs spread across 52 districts of Pakistan. This state-of-the-art healthcare system solely relies on public donations, to achieve its purpose.

The Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan recently invited the Chief Executive Officer of IHHN – Dr. Abdul Bari Khan at the Dawlance Head Office. While presenting the Donation-Amount, Mr. Umar thanked Dr. Bari for his valuable services to the healthcare sector in Pakistan and said: “The thought behind this humble contribution from the Dawlance-employees is that the healthcare institutions all over Pakistan have been devastated by the rain-storms and the flood-victims have lost access to medical-facilities. So, we are donating our whole contribution to Indus Hospital, which is showing exemplary performance to provide quality healthcare across the impacted regions. Dawlance will continue to support the philanthropic endeavors of Indus Hospital in future too and we would also like to request all other resourceful individuals and companies to help the nation in these rehabilitation efforts.”

Dr. Bari expressed his gratitude for this valuable contribution and stated that: “Dawlance has regularly supported the Indus Hospital in delivering quality services to the needy masses. This time I was pleasantly surprised to note that this contribution is coming from the kind-hearted employees of this company. It is a reflection of the generosity of the Pakistani nation. I would like to thank Dawlance and its workforce for this inspirational gesture and assure them that this donation will go a long way in easing the sufferings of the flood-affected families.”

In Pakistan, Dawlance-Arçelik is consistently elevating the standards of quality and adopting global best practices, to elevate the quality of life for the masses. The nationwide sales network and operational teams of Dawlance are also making relentless efforts to provide relief to their unfortunate brethren in the rain-affected regions.