Karachi, 20th December 2023: Promising a unique blend of suspense, drama, and realism, Dareechay Films’ masterpiece ‘Chikkar’ premiered in a star-studded evening here. The directorial debut of Zaheer Uddin is undoubtedly the most gripping and highly anticipated crime thriller movie of 2023 in Lollywood.

Usman Mukhtar, Ushna Shah, Faryal Mehmood, Nausheen Shah, Saleem Mairaj, Ali Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu, and all the debutant and support cast received praise for their stellar performances from both critics and audiences.

Zaheer expressed gratitude to the film and the entertainment industry for attending the premiere, acknowledging the love and support they showed for the film.

“Chikkar” being my debut film holds a very special place in my heart, and I am quite sure it will remain like this forever. All credit goes to the cast, which delivered my narrative compellingly. I am confident that it will resonate with the audiences too. I am overwhelmed by the overall response of fellow industry mates and cannot wait for the grand public premiere,” said Zaheer.

Chikkar presents an engaging portrayal of sensitive topics and realistic scenery, serving as a testament to the promising future of the local film industry by providing a platform for young actors to showcase their talents.

Advance booking for the public premiere is underway as ‘Chikkar’ is all set to captivate audiences in theaters across Pakistan on 22nd December 2023.