Pakistan’s leading eCommerce platform, Daraz recorded sales worth 66 crore in the first one hour of 11.11 making it the biggest sale of the year in the country.

The eCommerce giant’s sales surged as 43% of Pakistan’s digital population visited the platform over the last 30 days resulting in its userbase and orders growing up to 3.4X and 4.7X respectively compared to last 11.11 – making Pakistan Daraz’s most successful market in South Asia during the campaign.

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director – Daraz Pakistan, said, “During inflation at its highest ever peak in Pakistan, Daraz single handedly reduced the uptake in prices by providing discounts and offers on an assortment of millions during the 11.11 sale. We hope to keep providing ease to our customers in the future and live up to our purpose of uplifting communities through the power of commerce.”

As per sources, 32,000 sellers from 100+ cities excluding Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad participated in the campaign and resulted in Daraz exceeding its daily order target by 3.6X and from all the orders placed on 11th November, 1/3rd are already on their way to happy customers.

Mr. Saya added, “our core focus for the last 12 months has been customer experience and selling quality products to our customers. This overwhelming response is a testament that when you put your customer first, they reciprocate that trust. During this 11.11, we acquired 4X new customers versus the campaign last year.”

Daraz has been an active player in contributing to Pakistan’s digital economy and has also always encouraged digital payments. During the 11.11 sale, Daraz recorded almost 50% of its customer spend on prepaid payment solutions and partnered with multiple banks and gateways to ensure a seamless digital payment experience for its customers.

With record-breaking numbers, Daraz has undoubtedly become the shopping platform of choice for Pakistanis as millions of users visited the platform to make purchases and take advantage of the discounts and deals that were exclusively available on 11.11.