Daraz Launches An All-in-One Gaming Platform

Lahore: June 4, 2020 – Over the past three months, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted various sectors of the economy and social distancing practices have boosted the rate of digital adoption in the country. Online shopping and entertainment platforms have not only provided a solution during this critical time but they have also been recognised as a necessity by millions of home-bound Pakistanis.

Daraz First Games serves as a innovative and immersive new platform that not only provides users entertainment but also enables them to connect digitally with friends across the country. Launched with 19 gaming titles across various genres including sports, racing and cards, the platform will come to carry hundreds of more games over the next few weeks. It is an all-in-one solution for gamers offering players the opportunity to win prizes, points and vouchers which can be used to shop on Daraz. Players can also challenge their friends in multiple live tournaments and chat with them while maintaining scores.

daraz online gaming

Driven by customer-centric innovation, Daraz has pioneered shoppertainment in Pakistan and since 2017, the platform has  focused significantly on gamification to increase user engagement. The launch of DFG not only augments Daraz’ position in the technology industry but will also provide a boost to the growing gaming industry of Pakistan.

“At Daraz, we pride ourselves on customer-centric innovation that fuels the growth of local industries. With the launch of DFG, we have broken ground on very fertile soil and we are excited to see the massive impact the new venture will have on Pakistan’s gaming industry and how it will create opportunities of digital connectivity,” said Adil Anver, Category Director at Daraz Pakistan, who is overseeing Daraz First Games.

DFG comes at a time when the demand for entertainment among home-bound consumers has increased exponentially, exemplifying the customer-centric innovation that Daraz has always prioritized. DFG is a mark of Daraz’ agility and ability to offer timely solutions to cater to the evolving demands of a growing user base turning towards digitisation at an unprecedented rate.