Danish taimoor proposed ayeza khan

When we talk about Pakistani celebrity couples, the first couple that comes to our mind is Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan. The duo has been proving their prolific acting skills in the entertainment industry for quite some time now and has surely made a graceful recognition.

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However, in a recent game show with Maria Wasti, Danish Taimoor revealed some juicy details about him and Ayeza, how their relationship actually started and where he proposed her. Yes, he mentioned ALL the details during a short interview.

Maria Wasti started off the interviewing asking him if he had ever flirted with Ayeza Khan to which he refused. He further mentioned that Ayeza was his love and did not flirt with her.

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But we did notice his contradicting statement where he confessed that Ayeza was the only lady he did not flirt with. Moreover, he went on to say that he never asked her out on a date. In fact, he directly proposed her for marriage and met her mother before he even met Ayeza.

To add a cherry on top, he confessed that he first started speaking to Ayeza on Orkut and that she was a big fan of Danish Taimoor which also led to an argument. Later on, as they spoke, he found Ayeza to be really and thought of marrying her.

Here’s what he said in the interview:

“She complimented our serial while revealing how big of a fan she was of mine, so I thought, this is a really nice woman and she should be in my house after marriage. Then I asked her if she wanted to marry me, but she refused to believe it.”

After revealing some juicy details about how it all started, he chose to reveal Ayeza Khan’s real name which is Kanza and not Ayeza. That surely would turn out as a surprise for many of you. However, there are many Pakistani celebrities whose real names are different.

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