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Update [June 21 2024]: Kaybees has responded to recent allegations regarding food quality and hygiene at one of their outlets. The incident, which occurred on the first day of Eid, involved a customer complaining about an unpleasant smell from a club sandwich, which was promptly replaced with a steak by the manager, ensuring the customer’s satisfaction.

However, the situation escalated when the customer, upon seeing sandwiches served to another table, created a disturbance and forcefully entered the kitchen. Kaybees clarified that the chicken in question was not rotten and emphasized that they received no other complaints about their food quality that night. They condemned the customer’s behavior as unethical and unacceptable, and reported the defamation to the FIA Cybercrime Division.

Here’s the official statement:

Karachi’s renowned Kaybees restaurant is facing severe backlash following allegations of serving rotten chicken. The uproar began when a video went viral that showed the unhygienic kitchen that Kaybees was using and the rotten chicken that was stored in refrigerators. Following that, several customers took to social media, sharing their harrowing experiences and expressing concerns about the restaurant’s hygiene and food quality.

Food Quality and Hygiene Issues

Instagram users hopped on to the post “Kaybees is one of the dirtiest restaurants in Karachi,” read one of the comments. Another user commented the decline in quality, stating, “Kaybees used to be our family go-to spot. Now it’s just gone to waste.”

The accusations did not stop there. Numerous customers shared similar complaints, describing encounters with spoiled food and poor sanitation. One of them claimed, “I also experienced this at Kaybees. They serve rotten chicken and there’s no cleanliness.”

Further testimonies echoed these concerns. Someone recounted a visit to the Gulshan branch where they discovered a hair in their chicken strip. Similarly, another customer described receiving reheated, foul-smelling chicken, which was only replaced after a complaint.

Calls for Boycott and Closure

The online uproar has led many customers to boycott the restaurant, with some advocating for its closure. One of the user mentioned a former employee’s revelation that spoiled chicken was regularly used, and called for a complete ban on the establishment.

Furthermore, some users offered alternative dining options. They recommended Texas Chicken near 5 Star Chowrangi, while others expressed relief at having avoided Kaybees. Despite the negative feedback, a few comments showed customers’ lingering attachment to the restaurant, though heavily marred by recent experiences.

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Kaybees reassured their commitment to maintaining high standards of food quality and hygiene, stating that the issue was isolated and thoroughly investigated. They expressed concern over the spread of one-sided information and reiterated their dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction. The restaurant chain remains firm in upholding the reputation they have built over decades, ensuring that their focus on quality and service remains unchanged.

In the meantime, the public awaits action from food authorities and a formal response from Kaybees, hoping for improvements that could restore the restaurant’s tarnished reputation.

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