FIA has registered FIR on CSS exams
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An FIR has been filed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) concerning allegations of answer book substitution in the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2022 examination. The FIR targets an official from the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), along with two candidates and an additional individual. These people have been accused of handling the answer book replacement scheme for illegal gains totaling more than Rs. 1 million.

CSS exam and replacing answer sheets
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A High Profile Crime At CSS

The investigation stemmed from a complaint by Unsar Hayat Gonsdal, Director General (Administration) at FPSC, leading to Enquiry No. 322/2023. During the CSS 2022 examination’s interview phase, anomalies surfaced when certain candidates exhibited remarkable written performance but failed during the viva section. It can certainly bring about suspicion if a candidate has written something well but is lacking the knowledge to talk on those same subjects they have written on.

An internal fact-finding committee comprising of, Syed Ahmed Babur Zaidi, Zaheer Parvaiz Khan, Akbar Hussain Durrani, conducted an inquiry, implicating Nadeem Mohammad Khan, an Assistant at the FPSC’s Secrecy Branch, for substituting answer books. It seems that a thorough investigation did lead to a person responsible for replacing the answer books.

answering sheets replaced in big exam
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Every Action Has Consequences

The individual in question was determined to have replaced Ali Sher and Halar Ahmed’s genuine answer books with modified versions, in collaboration with Muhammad Ibrahim, in exchange for a financial reward totaling Rs. 1 million. It’s worth mentioning that the serial numbers on twenty-four answer books didn’t match those documented on the examination hall attendance sheets.

Additionally, twenty-two of these books were not officially designated by the examination cell for use in the CSS 2022 centers. As we can see, the act of cheating or manipulation can extend to examination systems as high as the CSS one.

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