Seems like September is the month of all controversies and scandals. From Mahira Khan to scholar Nouman Ali Khan; social media is loving all the juicy gossips while bashing celebrities like there is no tomorrow.

The latest target of the internet seems to be the popular Pakistani cricketer, Imad Wasim.

Lately, Imad was basking in glory as he was crowned as Pakistan Cricket Board’s Best T20 Player Of The Year Award this year!

Yesterday, all hell broke loose as pictures of the cricketer with an unknown female made it to the web.

Apparently, a young Afghan woman is claiming that the Imad vowed to marry her but left her high and dry later

He is being accused of cheating on his dear wife. ROFL!

They need to know our boy is very much single!

Even a screenshot from their alleged WhatsApp conversation was released.

To Exaggerate it all the more, some hotel bookings were also revealed.

Isn’t this too much like Nouman Ali Khan episode?

Well, Imad Wasim was not afraid to respond to all these allegations and cleared the whole fuss!

As soon as he rolled out the video, #WestandwithImad started trending on Twitter

His fans truly believed him!

However, some spread their hatred as usual.

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