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Have you ever waited for hours, days, even weeks to find out the result of something? Imagine being in limbo for days awaiting your COVID-19 results.

Not only is the process highly time-consuming, but it is also mentally and emotionally draining as well.

While the world still awaits a vaccine, we have some good news.

Medtech start-up Breathonix has found a way to detect whether a person is +ve or -ve in under 60 seconds.

The best part is that this test does not require a painful swab stick being inserted in the nose or mouth. You have to use your breath.

60-Second Breathalyser COVID-19 Test

Termed as the ‘breathalyzer,’ the test proved to be over 90% accurate in a clinical trial with more than 180 participants.

Moreover, Breathonix’s breath test only requires the individual to blow into a disposable mouthpiece.

It is similar to the test authorities use to test whether or not an individual is intoxicated.

The exhaled breath is used to detect and analyze any trace of volatile organic compounds used as COVID-19 markers.

Different diseases cause specific changes to the compounds, resulting in detectable changes in a person’s breath profile, – Dr. Jia Zhunan, chief executive officer of Breathonix

A machine linked to the software can successfully generate the final result with 93% accuracy in just 60 seconds.

Our breath test is easy to administer and it does not require specially-trained staff or laboratory processing, -added DR. JIA

The doctor added that because the test result is generated rapidly, this testing method can be adapted where the number of cases is very high.

The idea first started-off as a machine to detect lung cancer. Dr. Jia then founded Breathonix with chief operating officer Mr. Du Fang in 2019.

The NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme supports the company. It focuses on nurturing deep technology start-ups founded by graduate students and research staff.

This painless test is suitable for adults as well as senior citizens. However, at this point, we are unsure when other countries, including Pakistan, will adopt this technology.

Developing Affordable & Fast Test Results

Israel's Scentech Medical hopes to create a breath test to sniff out the coronavirus (YouTube screenshot)
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Countries around the world are trying to create a similar tool to detect the COVID-19 virus. According to news reports, researchers from the United States to Israel to Finland have been working to develop non-invasive screening solutions.

Reportedly, Israeli companies have also announced moving closer to developing a reliable test. These tests would be faster and cheaper than the PCR tests that are currently in use.

Until then, stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario.