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June 23, 2020: 

Saudi Arabia has announced that it is banning international pilgrims from Hajj this year in an attempt to control the coronavirus. Muslims all over the world feared that Hajj might be canceled.

Every summer, approximately two million people visit Mecca and Madina for the annual Islamic pilgrimage. This year, however, things will be slightly different. BBC reported that a limited number of people who are currently in the country might already take part in the practice.

Hajj is one of the most significant dates in the Islamic calendar for Muslims. In a statement, authorities have said, this is the only way to move forward with a substantial amount of people losing their lives every day; the kingdom can’t risk people entering the country from all over the world.

By letting limited people practice Hajj, the authorities will be able to follow mandatory precautionary measures and hopefully curb the virus in the region.

However, UAE is opening its door for tourists in July. Read the full story here:

COVID-19: Dubai is Opening Doors for Tourists from July 2020

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March 27, 2020:

As the number of novel coronavirus cases rapidly increases, countries are now taking strict preventive measures to the spreading of this fatal disease. Day after day, states all across the globe are imposing bans and lockdowns to protect their citizens from this disease.

Saudi Govt Tells Pakistan Not To Prepare For Hajj Agreement

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia told the Pakistan government not to prepare for a Hajj agreement this year as the coronavirus panic spreads throughout the world, according to the letter received from Saudi Arabia.

In the letter sent to Religious Affairs Minister Noor-ul-Haq Qadri, Saudi Hajj and Umrah Minister Dr. Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten said there due to lockdown, restriction and containment measures; no agreement will be made.

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Moreover, Saudi Arabia has been continuously monitoring the on-going situation and has been making decisions as per the case, as said by Dr. Mohammad Saleh. He also added that as soon as they observe improvement regarding the coronavirus, people will be informed and updated.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia had also suspended Umrah for non-residents and later, for its citizens over coronavirus fears. Moreover, Saudi Arabia was among the few countries that had imposed a temporary travel ban on visitors.

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