Covid-19 in Pakistan
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos across the world. Presently, the number of affected cases in Pakistan have crossed 72,000. The numbers are rapidly growing as health guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus are blatantly ignored. Pakistanis are approaching the virus head-on mostly without any protection.

This ignorance was highly prevalent as we saw crowds gathered for Eid shopping, and later on for celebrations. The Federal government announced easing the lockdown just as the Holy month of Ramadan was coming to an end to help revive the loss in the economy and overall business community in the country. Shops, malls, and local bazaars remained closed for a month to curb the spread of the virus.

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Major Cities in Pakistan Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic:

Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad and Sukkur have the most number of affected cases in the country.

How Can We Prevent The Spread of the Virus?

  1. Mandatory Face Masks

Thankfully, Pakistan has recently implemented this rule to be followed by all. After the decision to ease the lockdown, it was highly essential to ensure that everyone must be wearing a mask when they come out of their homes.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health, Zafar Mirza tweeted on 31st May,

“Face masks are now mandatory to be worn by everybody while in crowded public places, mosques, bazaars, shopping malls, public transport ie, road, rail and flights.” 

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2. Avoid Crowded Places

As seen just before Eid, chaos was observed in all shopping centers and local bazaars. People crowded the shops without wearing any masks. Neither did anyone maintain any social distancing. Children were also seen shopping with their parents. People should stay indoors and only visit stores when necessary. In this case, only one person should be going outside to buy the essential items.

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3. Make Use of the Technological Advancements

For those of us who have access to the internet, you can altogether avoid going out. Grocery shopping can also be done online; all the major supermarkets have the option of online shopping since the pandemic. Make use of the technology you have at your fingertips. Clothing, household items, and anything you want can now be found online! Facebook marketplace is also a great place to look for any items you need.

4. Fine People For Not Following The SOP’s

Offices, businesses, shops, and other stores that are not following guidelines on social distancing during business hours should be fined heavily by the government. Individuals not following safety protocols such as not wearing masks, maintaining distance, or gathering a crowd should also be fined. Various countries have introduced hefty fines for those who are not adhering to the set rules and regulations.

Dubai has started fining people who are not following the COVID-19 related laws:

5. Sanitize and Wash Your Hands

As the lockdown was eased, the majority of workplaces have now opened up. People must take care of themselves during this crucial time. Washing hands with soap and water is a MUST!

Keep sanitizing your homes and work desks with a disinfectant. In case of not having access to water and soap, do not forget to use a sanitizer! These simple guidelines have been provided by the WHO to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Covid-19 in Pakistan
Source: WHO

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