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While the offices went into work from home, schools also had to shut down courtesy of COVID-induced lockdown. With the entire country in lockdown mode, people were adapting to the new normal. And hence, students as well, be it the school going or university going, were supposed to stay at home. They had to complete their courses, assignments and attend their classes all through online platforms.

The second wave of Covid

But then, as the first wave passed and with proper measures, we could control the spread, the lockdown ended. The schools opened, the workplaces shifted back to the brick and mortar model, and people started having gatherings. Many people would be seen gathering in smaller spaces, making them the hub of the virus spread.

Looking at all, it is not a surprise that the second wave of Coronavirus is once again booming. A significant amount of covid positives are emerging. Those who were safe the first time are also getting it. But the COVID-19 survivors who have been through it once are also prone to getting it once again. And so, this current situation is all the scarier.

Recovered COVID-19
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Covid and the schools

Moreover, while offices employ adults, schools have young children or teenagers. The health of these younger Pakistanis should be our utmost priority. And therefore, the tweet by the Ministry of Federal Education met with positivity. The tweet read:

“Federal Minister Education @Shafqat_Mahmood will chair an important meeting of provincial Education Ministers at #NVOC today to discuss the latest #coronavirus situation in the country. Minister has stated categorically that the health of students is our top priority.”

People’s Reactions

People reacted to this news in affirmation. One such responder signaled to numerous positive cases in his school. According to him, there was no policy regarding 14-day quarantine for positive patients. So all those individuals might have become carriers for the spread.

Another person talked about how even students, young people, have succumbed to coronavirus—all their struggles to attain education, all gone because of the pandemic.

So it is high time the ministry meets up to discuss the current situation. Whatever the solution they come up with, be it the closure of schools or a better way of containing the virus without closing the schools, it will probably be better than how the educational institutes are currently dealing with COVID-19.

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