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As people across the globe stay home in quarantine due to COVID-19, online shopping has seemingly become the new preferred option. People prefer to buy groceries online, and this has increased the sale more than ever. In Pakistan, E-commerce is proliferating too due to the same reason but not as significant as other countries.

Logistics, along with a lack of communication on mobile phones of large populations that reside in rural areas, have become a significant issue. Other than that, many people still prefer visiting departmental stores and paying via cash.

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The United States in April saw a 110% increment in sales. A great deal of climax was witnessed on April 21st as the sales of dollars raised to 289 percent when compared with the previous year weekly.

One hundred seventy cities in China have mobilized local government and social, financial revenue. From January till April of 2020, the retail sales of consumer products in china witnessed an increment of 6%.

In an interview, CEO of Walmart, McMillon said: “The number of new customers trying to pick up and delivery has increased 4X since mid-March. My feeling is that once this crisis is more under control, people will have seen the benefits of that service and will likely continue to use it. It will become a part of the ‘new normal.’”

Currently, Walmart is one of the biggest grocery stores in the United States. Reportedly, the sales have reached an all-new height. The increase in pickup and delivery is surging to 300%.

It is unclear whether consumer behavior will alter once this worldwide lockdown is over.

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