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Coronavirus has had a major impact on the world since 2020. We had not expected to see a virus in our lifetime but it has become common now. However, the cases have seen an impact due to the vaccine. Despite that, new variants keep emerging, bringing dangers close to home. Now, when we are busy fighting off the Delta variant, the Epsilon variant has emerged.

It is the variant that appeared in the US and dominates a majority of cases in New York. It is now in Pakistan and there are a few things we should know. This can help keep us safe and get us more in touch with current events. Knowledge is welcome!

PID Pakistan

1. It Has A Fast Transmission Rate

Like the Delta variant, the Epsilon variant also has a high transmission rate. It can be highly infectious and can move from host to host with ease. It is of the utmost importance that social distancing measures be practiced now more than ever. Pakistan has become a ground for numerous variants and currently, Delta is the dominant one.

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2. Epsilon Variant Cases In Lahore

It is in Lahore that the first of the Epsilon variant cases were found. It seems that a total of 23 tests were performed within labs. Out of them, 5 were of the Epsilon variant. This has put the Government of Punjab on high alert because of the severity. We know that the transmission rate is high so there should be precautions in place. We urge you to stay home!

3. The Variant Is From Southern California

Do you remember the news that kept coming from the US in 2020? The cases in the country were quite high and the effect on the population was huge. This Epsilon variant was originally found in Southern California. Yes, Pakistan, now, has the US variant of the virus. The UK variant was overcome by the Indian Delta variant, which now accounts for 70% of cases in Punjab.

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4. Vaccines Are Still Effective Against Epsilon Variant

While it is true that it is a highly infectious variant, it is still vulnerable to vaccines. According to the tests done and vaccinations done in real life, the tests are successful. While the person may become the carrier of the virus, the vaccine is shown to fight off well against the virus. We should take this moment as a sign to make sure everyone we know is vaccinated. Spare no moment to go and get that jab. It is the prime factor in getting rid of the virus, besides social distancing.

5. Getting Vaccinated Is The Best Bet

It seems that getting vaccinated is the best solution for now. Since the vaccine can fight off the virus, we urge everyone to get administered as soon as possible. It would be a better sight to see to have a major chunk of the population vaccinated. Let us not give the virus room to grow and mutate further. If you haven’t received your dose yet, we urge you to get it as soon as possible.

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