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Transportation has always been quite an issue in Pakistan, especially with the local buses’ degrading conditions. This was so until the arrival of numerous transportation services that provided a range of vehicles at the travelers’ disposal. Now, people could choose from cars to rickshaws to even bikes. The fares also seemed nominal, but what about other factors; factors such as accidents, thefts, or robberies, that the riders had to face?

This question was answered by this Bykea rider, who basically made the statement that the riders need to stand up for themselves and adopt this life skill. Maybe, to roam the streets now, the brands need to hire such riders who can deal with incidents like these themselves.

Source: Bykea Facebook

So what really happened on the streets of Pakistan

The Bykea rider was having his typical day in his green shirt and helmet. But in the street, two bike riders came along and brought up a pistol. They tried to rob him at gunpoint. But the Bykea rider didn’t give in to the fear. And instead of giving up his valuables, he grabbed their pistol. With a little tugging, he was able to snatch it.

And hence the robbers became the robbed! 

He shouted that they are not going to get the gun back, so they should be on their merry way.

Bykea Rider and The Neighbours

The street was full of people peeping outside their gates or windows, possibly scared of the robbers. But when the bykea rider successfully overcame the robbers and scared them away, they quickly came out to pick up his fallen bike. Some even reprimanded him because this could have gone very wrong.

Well, one cannot wholly disregard those neighbors. Sometimes you indeed need t stand up, but what if the robbers were unphased with the fact that they could kill as well. So what if they had pulled the trigger in the struggle? And what if that bullet had gone on to hit a kid hanging from a terrace?

So yes, it was a courageous thing that the Bykea rider did. He was able to save his belongings. But you should not try this if you are not confident that the pistol is loaded or not.

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