Samsung, one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers is also known for having a reputation for mocking smartphone notches.

Recalling its purpose, the notch houses camera lenses, speakers, and a variety of sensors.

However, the brand came under the limelight for being so unaesthetic that some Pixel 3 users have been digging into their phones’ user settings to hide the notch completely by implementing a screen-wide black bar.

It looks like Samsung wants to avoid the notch and a black bar after what Ice Universe revealed was on show at the incredibly private 2018 Samsung OLED Forum at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China with about 20 business partners present, according to Forbes.

During a PowerPoint presentation, the company revealed four new technologies that will drive their smartphone development over the upcoming year: FoD (fingerprint sensing tech under the display), UPS (under-the-screen sensor tech), HoD (touch-sensitive tech), and SoD (“screen sound tech”).

Since the FoD and SoD tech already exists on the market and HoD tech isn’t exactly novel, the key innovation here is that UPS tech. That right there is what will bring us a notch-less AND bezel-less screen that is, basically, the display of our dreams that has been just out of reach of today’s tech.

Needless to say, this would be a breakthrough for the smartphone market. There’s no word yet on the public release of such an innovation or the launch of the long-awaited folding Galaxy F. Perhaps, both will be arriving soon, maybe even together. Is this the end of smartphone displays as we know it? As Samsung said themselves.

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