Costa Coffee, the global coffeehouse giant, is elated to announce the opening of its third store in Pakistan, debuting in the vibrant capital city of Islamabad. In collaboration with its master franchisee, Gerry’s Group, a prominent player in Pakistan’s business landscape, Costa Coffee is extending its footprint to offer an unparalleled coffee experience to the diverse and dynamic community of Islamabad.

The inauguration and soft launch ceremony were graced by distinguished personalities, highlighting the significance of this milestone for Costa Coffee and its patrons. Mr Afzal Wali Muhammad, Group Chairman of Gerry’s Group, Mr Akram Wali Muhammad, Group Managing Director of Gerry’s Group, Mr Arshad Wali Muhammad, Group Director of Gerry’s Group and Ms Jane Marriott CMG OBE, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, jointly unveiled the new store, signifying the brand’s commitment to fostering cultural exchanges and enhancing social connections through the love of coffee, and great food.

Mr. Afzal Wali Muhammad, Group Chairman of Gerry’s Group, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Costa Coffee has become synonymous with exceptional coffee moments globally, and we are delighted to bring this experience to the heart of Islamabad. This expansion aligns with our vision to elevate the coffee culture in Pakistan and create spaces where people can come together over a cup of their favourite brew and delectable treats.”

Mr. Akram Wali Muhammad, Group Managing Director of Gerry’s Group emphasizes, “Every store is a reflection of our shared vision for Costa Coffee in Pakistan. It is more than just a coffee destination; it’s spaces designed to inspire connections, create uplifting moments and celebrate the artistry behind the perfect cup of coffee. We are thankful for the overwhelming support and look forward to welcoming the people of Islamabad to experience the magic of Costa Coffee.”

The event showcased not only the aromatic delights that Costa Coffee is renowned for but also the brand’s dedication to creating inviting spaces for patrons to savour their coffee in a relaxed and welcoming ambience. The store in Islamabad reflects Costa Coffee’s signature aesthetic, blending contemporary design with a touch of warmth that invites customers to linger and enjoy the artistry behind every cup.

With a diverse menu offering an array of coffee blends, delectable treats, and refreshing beverages, the new store is poised to become a culinary and social hub in Islamabad. Costa Coffee invites residents and visitors alike to experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every cup. The store is located at 13-E, Jinnah Supermarket, Opposite Union Gold Mall, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad, and will be open to the public on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

About Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, established in 1971, is a global coffeehouse company celebrated for its commitment to crafting exceptional coffee experiences. With a rich heritage, Costa Coffee has become a beloved brand, offering quality coffee and creating memorable moments for patrons worldwide.

About Gerry’s Group

Gerry’s Group, a distinguished business conglomerate in Pakistan, is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence across various industries. Serving as the master franchisee of Costa Coffee in Pakistan, Gerry’s Group is instrumental in expanding the brand’s presence and influence in the country, and in the United Kingdom, with a current standing of 59 stores under its umbrella.