The recent coronavirus has no doubt created panic all across the world. From schools shutting down to people working from home and lockdowns, the disease, as of now, doesn’t seem to disappear anytime soon.

However, amid this pandemic, what people do not understand is that stocking up groceries shouldn’t mean panic-buying but keeping a reasonable supply of shelf-stable food and other supplies for all kinds of emergencies. There should be enough for all.

A few days ago, there were rumors circulating around on the internet where people assumed Imtiaz Super Market will be shutting down all its branches in Karachi, amid coronavirus outbreak.

Analyzing the situation, Imtiaz Super Announcement has released an official statement clarifying all the rumors circulating around in regards to the panic and pandemic lockdown.

Here’s what they announced on their official Facebook page:

Image source: Facebook/ Imtiaz Super Market

It’s safe to say that Imtiaz Super Market will remain open. But people really need to shop wisely to make sure everyone gets a chance to buy what is necessary, responsibly, for them and their families.

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