Just like Ebola, Coronavirus also originates from animal hosts. Today, the world is aware of this deadly disease and China is suffering the most from it as many victims have fell prey to Coronavirus.

However, several web users have challenged the genuineness of Beijing’s coronavirus death toll after alleging to have sighted a much-elevated number of the victims ‘momentarily’ on the nation’s vastest online news site.

The second-largest company in China named Tencent allegedly showed charts for the coronavirus on Saturday indicating 154,023 were contaminated and 24,589 dead which is a lot more than ten times and 80 times the official figures.

Those charts have spurred a lot of conspiracy theories.

Where some people told the staggering figures could have been filtered by journalists with a conscience in hostility of Beijing’s order; others asserted that the trending images could have been digitally altered making them appear to be believable.

The figures that were shared included 79,808 suspected cases – four times more than the official numbers – and the number of cured cases as 269, rather than 351.

The life-threatening disease has killed at least 565 people and tainted more than 28,300.

The other leaked figures published included 79,808 doubted cases – four times the official numbers – and the number of cured cases as 269, rather than 351 which is a significant number.

The news arrives amid the extensive belief that the Communist Party in Beijing may be suppressing the harms of the deadly flu-like virus.

Several cities in China have urged their residents to wear face masks in order to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

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