Eidi is that one special thing which everyone gets excited about. Children start planning beforehand about what to ask from their elders months before the occasion. Elders also start looking for unique options they can please the kids with.

Provided busy schedule in Ramadan, many people prefer to shop online. In this regards, E-commerce websites in Pakistan are a big blessing. They launch an extravaganza of exclusive Eid offers so that people do not have to roam in shops and can order gifts from the comfort of their home.

This is where TCS Sentiments comes in!

TCS Sentiments is one of those websites that offer a one-stop solution to its customers. Be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Roza Kushai or Eid, the website offers occasion-specific products for all occasions.

For this Eid-ul-Fitr 2017, TCS Sentiments has come up with a new campaign to double the Eidi you are sending to your loved ones.

So why not double their Eidi and multiply their joy this Eid?

All you have to do is to book an order of Cake for someone you want to send Eidi to and TCS Sentiments will add in surprise Eidi for them inside the box.

Isn’t it cool to be receiving two Eidis at the cost of one?

Since it is the Mango season, you can also send Mango boxes as Eidi. The boxes are available in 5 kg, 2.5kg & 10 kg and are available for delivery across Pakistan and internationally. Know someone who loves mangoes to bits?

Send them a gift they will cherish and makes their day.

The Eidi sent by TCS Sentiments will be valid for five days of Eid (starting from Day 1 to Day 5). 

TCS Sentiments Eid collection will be available for delivery during Eid holidays as well. You can choose from a number of gift options like chocolates, wallets, flowers etc. Visit http://bit.ly/2ryUZRq  to place an order now.”