Lahore – Thursday, August 17, 2023 – Gaming enthusiasts, get ready for a groundbreaking experience with the TCL C745 4K QLED TV – the ultimate gaming TV now available in Pakistan. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of gamers in the country, this cutting-edge TV sets a new standard in the gaming industry. With an impressive array of exceptional features, the TCL C745 guarantees a gaming experience like no other. Let’s delve into what makes this TV a standout choice for Pakistani gamers seeking the best of the best.

  1. Up to 240 Hz Refresh Rate

The TCL C745 boasts an impressive refresh rate of up to 240 Hz, ensuring smooth and tear-free visuals. With this high refresh rate, Pakistani gamers can enjoy seamless motion and precision-like responsiveness during even the most fast-paced gaming sessions. Bid farewell to choppy gameplay and stay one step ahead of the competition with this impressive feature.

  1. Game Master 2.0

Discover the ultimate gaming experience with the Game Master 2.0. Immerse yourself in advanced display and audio technology, enabling you to capture your finest gaming moments through screenshots, customize picture modes for a truly immersive gameplay, and elevate your performance by optimizing shadows to secure victory. With Aiming Aid, effortlessly target and eliminate foes in Call of Duty. Elevate your gaming prowess with the Game Master 2.0.

Up to HDR 1000 nits Peak Brightness

Dive into a world of stunning visuals with HDR 1000 nits. With a brightness level of 1000 nits, this TV delivers vivid colors and impressive contrast. Pakistani gamers can now immerse themselves fully in lifelike gaming visuals, where every detail comes to life with unparalleled brilliance, taking their gaming experience to new heights.

  1. FreeSync Premium Pro

Experience an incredibly fluid gaming experience with FreeSync Premium Pro technology. Say goodbye to screen tearing and stuttering as this technology synchronizes the TV’s refresh rate with your gaming device, providing Pakistani gamers with ultra-smooth graphics that pull them deeper into their gaming worlds.

  1. IMAX Enhanced

Indulge in a cinematic gaming experience with IMAX Enhanced support. The TCL C745 optimizes audio and visuals to replicate the IMAX theater experience right in the comfort of your gaming den. Pakistani gamers can now enjoy a larger-than-life gaming adventure with audio and visuals that transport them to a new dimension.


Powered by the AiPQ PROCESSOR 3.0, this TV delivers advanced image processing for Pakistani gamers, rendering crystal-clear visuals. Every scene is dynamically enhanced for sharpness, contrast, and accurate colors, ensuring an immersive gaming adventure that feels incredibly real.

  1. Dolby Atmos and Gaming in Dolby Vision

Immerse yourself in a 3D audio soundscape with Dolby Atmos support, allowing Pakistani gamers to pinpoint in-game sounds accurately. Additionally, experience gaming in Dolby Vision, where HDR comes to life with astonishing brightness and depth, creating a captivating gaming world that feels like a true escape.

  1. TÜV Low Blue Light

For Pakistani gamers who enjoy lengthy gaming sessions, the TCL C745 cares for your well-being with TÜV Low Blue Light certification. This feature reduces harmful blue light emissions, providing a more comfortable and eye-friendly gaming experience, so you can game longer and healthier.

TCL C745 Gaming TV is a true marvel in the gaming industry, and its availability in Pakistan opens up new possibilities for serious gamers. If you are a gaming enthusiast in Pakistan, the TCL C745 is the ultimate gaming TV that promises to redefine your gaming journey. Offering an impressive array of cutting-edge features. You can check the latest series on TCL Pakistan’s official website and app.