Asad Abbas has made a lasting impact on the music industry, receiving prestigious honors like the Pakistani Sangeet Icon Award and a Lux Style Award in recognition of his remarkable talent. His exceptional vocal abilities have been showcased as the frontman of the Meekal Hassan Band. Furthermore, Asad Abbas is the creative genius behind the widely acclaimed song “Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yar Ve,” which serves as the captivating title track for the popular drama series “Raqs e Bismil.”

Image Source: Minute Mirror

In life, even the most accomplished individuals can suddenly find themselves stripped of their glory and reduced to a state of nothingness and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Asad Abbas is currently facing an immense crisis that has brought his life to a breaking point. Unfortunately, his kidneys have failed, and he has been suffering in an unwavering struggle against this incapacitating condition, which has also led him to lose his savings over the course of seven years.

In his pursuit of a cure, he has been compelled to sell his two houses, cars, and other valuable possessions. The luxurious lifestyle he once enjoyed has now been replaced by a desperate need for assistance as he strives to raise five crores for his treatment in the United States.


Moved by Asad Abbas’s appeal, fellow actor Imran Ashraf took to Instagram, using the power of social media to appeal for support on his behalf. Imran Ashraf, known for his empathetic nature, sincerely requests individuals to contribute to Asad Abbas’s cause, enabling him to regain a sense of normalcy and lead a healthy life once again. Other celebrities such as Adnan Siddique have also used their platform to raise money for him. Feel free to donate to help Asad.

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