Lahore, Pakistan: Coeus Solutions Ltd released its first-ever remote work insights focusing on how organizations are shifting to remote work, the benefits and the challenges they face as well as the opportunities different enterprises see.

“We have seen an overall shift towards remote work in 2021. Most organizations we talk to have accelerated their remote work plans and now are at least partially remote”, said Ahsan Naseem, CEO of Coeus Solutions. “We talk to organizations ranging from largest insurance companies in the world to even smaller outsourcing companies and everywhere the trends are the same. Nearly 80% of the companies we talked to plan to keep remote work as an active part of their strategy.”

“Communication is still a big challenge.” added Qudsia Piracha, Product Lead at Coeus. “While tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Hangout exist, it’s hard to make teams accessible in the same way as regular “open-door policies”, she added. “Other than this, employee engagement is a huge issue. Remote workers are harder to engage than in-office employees. 64% organizations are starting engagement, recognition, and rewards initiatives amongst the companies we talk to. We see a lot of stats from our platform and the trend is clear: work practices have shifted for good!” She further added. is the flagship product of Coeus Solutions making Coeus one of the category leaders in the fast-expanding new category of remote work platforms.

Coeus Solutions with their consultants KASB Securities, is on track to list on Karachi Stock Exchange in Q1 2022. This is scheduled to be the first tech listing on the GEM board and has already generated a lot of interest from local and international investors. Coeus also participated in the annual KTrade investor summit in Karachi on 16. December 2021.