Since the boom of ChatGPT, people have been utilizing Artificial Intelligence tools to compose emails, assignments, homework, presentations, and now even cover letters. However, a recent incident involving a viral cover letter on social media has drawn attention to the stupidity of AI or the person even. In this peculiarly funny case, the applicant forgot to replace the placeholder “[companyName,fallback-J]” with the actual name of the company. Have a look at this.


This oversight exposed the fact that the individual had used an automated template to draft the letter. To make things more embarrassing, the letter referred to the applicant as an IT graduate and claimed that Akhil possessed expertise in GoLang, C++, and JavaScript. The letter caught the attention of a Twitter user who shared it along with a caption that humorously stated, “Hi, IT graduate Akhil. Your code didn’t work. Sincerely, [companyName, fallback-]*”  

I mean I think this is a classic of the saying, “AI can help you if you’re dumb but AI can’t help you if you’re lazy!”. Now the decision is up to you guys. Was this pure laziness or was it just another time when AI proved that humans are still better than it but just not hard working? However, people on Twitter have already started reacting.


The tweet quickly gained traction, attracting various reactions from netizens. One user commented, “Well if recruiters employ automation like this, candidates can do the same. I don’t see anything wrong with it, except for the fact that the code didn’t work.” Another user showed support for Akhil by stating, “I would give him a chance for utilizing code instead of mail merge, etc.” Meanwhile, another comment read, “He didn’t fail. You rejected him, and that’s exactly what he wanted. Few understand.”

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