coca-cola ocean bottle

Coca-Cola has unveiled the world’s first-ever plastic bottle made from ocean waste. The one-of-its-kind bottle has 25% ocean waste retrieved from Mediterranean beaches by volunteers.

This new successful venture will help the brand make this world more sustainable with the use of new recycling technology.

Reportedly, in a partnership with Indorama Venture and Ioniqa Technologies, this new tech allows for recyclable PET plastic to be ‘upcycled’.

Not only that, the waste is converted into high-quality plastic using depolymerization. This means that lower-grads plastics are broken down and reborn into food-grade PET Plastic.

This will help brands play more important in the role of cleaning up garbage to help marine life get back to what it was.

It will also encourage other brands to use the technology to follow a similar path by contributing their share of responsibility.

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