Coke Studio for its fourteenth season came up with a contextually dynamic campaign, integrating social media and OOH mediums to create a nostalgic experience and showing fans the love for Coke Studio over the years (which included fans’ perspectives and leveraging the passion points of music).

According to Coca-Cola, this year, along with the launch of the new brand positioning ‘The Real Magic’, Coke Studio also set out to evolve itself to become relevant to the youth while incorporating the core creative idea of real magic.

In a campaign specifically targeted towards the youth, especially Gen Z, the brand partnered with Kinetic Pakistan to incorporate fan love, hype, and Real Magic into the campaign and scale up each phase through creative OOH to obtain the right impact for Coke Studio’s season 14.

The campaign was launched on December 16, 2021, via OOH where Coke Studio skyline led display in Karachi at Country 8. According to Coke Studio, “The idea was to use Coke Studio #CricketKhidaye song to welcome West Indies cricket team to Pakistan contextually creating an association of Coca-Cola with cricket and promoting Coke Studio season 14.” The display they added could be viewed from miles away.

There were also billboards with dynamic displays to showcase fan love. As per Coke Studio, they have received ‘mad love from their fans’ and the billboards dynamic display was a way to appreciate and acknowledge that love. “We wanted to go above and beyond than mentioning them on our asset and featuring them in the nationwide DOOH campaign,” they stated.

Moreover, the campaign drove further engagement via mall activation to give the audience a taste of the sound of the nation by creating pre-hype for Coke Studio season 14, as well as by engaging the audience to guess the artist by listening to the instrumentals.

Coke Studio season 14 began with its first song ‘Jhoom’ on January 14.

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