Coca-Cola Announces Its New Initiative ‘Open Like Never Before’

Open Like never before
Image Source: Youtube

For its recent campaign, Coca-Cola has taken on the initiative ‘Open like never before.’ The agency 72andSunny teamed up with Coca-Cola for the campaign. This ad features George the Poet to document the cultural consequences of COVID-19. The spoken-word artist performs on a piece called ‘Open like never before’ to show the world that we need to ‘learn the lesson from a bad memory’.

Open Like Never Before

Primarily, the ad highlights that the post-COVID world does not need to ‘go back’ to the conditions before COVID. It tells us how the ‘normal’ can be changed and for the better. And Coca-Cola’s part in this new normal will be several in-market activities to support local communities. Coca-Cola’s aim for marketing activities into 2021 and the message of George’s poem is to look up and interact with your surroundings.

Open to Change

Kris Robbens, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, said, “This year, Coca-Cola was off-air for the longest time in history as we redirected our support to relief efforts. The ‘Open Like Never Before’ campaign is founded on the belief that we don’t just have to go back to normal following this huge change in everyone’s lives. Instead, it’s our ambition to move forward and make the world not just different, but a better, more open place. Most importantly, we’re using our platform to support and celebrate our customers and partners, many of whom are reopening their doors to communities after a very challenging time for the industry.”

According to the artist, “The underlying message of this campaign is close to my heart. As long as there are human beings capable of empathy and hope, the world will get better.”

The message, hence, becomes that we do not need to aspire for a normal we knew. Instead, we need to create a normal that is better than the one we left behind. And we can achieve that by being open to change; by accepting what life gives and crafting it for the better.

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