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We make quite a lot of fun when our politicians are invited to foreign political shows. The conversation that ensues often traps them and we get entertained. But today, when the CNN anchor made an irresponsible remark we learned how ignorant and biased even the anchors can be.

CNN Interview with Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs

In a recent interview with CNN, Pakistani Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was asked to comment on the Israel-Gaza conflict. In response to the question that Bianna Golodryga asked, Qureshi said that Israel is losing out in the war of media. He said that Israel has lost control of the narrative which is a huge victory considering they have been controlling it thanks to their ‘deep pocket’. At this, the CNN anchor makes an irresponsible, unsolicited comment, “I would call that an antisemitic remark.”

Wait, hold on! Let’s back it up.

What is anti-semitic?

Anti-semitism literally is prejudice and discrimination against Jews.

Now, let’s look at Qureshi’s statement once again. He said Israel is losing out, and not the jews. Take a look at the video below.

Where exactly did he make an anti-semitic remark?

What the CNN anchor is doing?

It is quite clear that (a) the anchor is equating Jews with Israel; (b) she is making the crimes against humanity seem like a religious war; (c) instigate into a verbal slur on national media; (d) restore the loss of Zionist narrative.

Let’s address each point separately now.

Addressing the points

Addressing the first two points; Palestine does not just have Muslims. Sure, it is a Muslim majority country, but it also houses people from Christianity, Samaritanism, and Druze. Exactly, the same way, Israel is not only jews. It houses several other religions including Muslims. This is why the conflict is not religious. It is political, geographical, and conflict for power that Israel wants to impose on Palestine. Yes, the Israeli government is Jewish but some Jewish citizens themselves are retaliating against their government for this.

To address the third and fourth points we will have to look at the recent events. When social media erupted in support of Palestinians, the Zionist narrative Israel was taking took a backseat. Now, what is Zionism? Zionism started from establishing a homeland for homeless jews kicked out from Germany as well as their current allies. They decided to steal from the only ones who gave them refuge, the Palestinians. This is to reiterate, not all jews are zionists.

The Twitter user accurately summarizes the situation. He says that the anchor is twisting Qureshi’s perfectly non-religious statement as anti-semitic. This only shows that Israel does have deep pockets and controls the media.

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