CNG prices have spiked 4 times in the last 5 months. Fuel prices have increased from Rs 74 to Rs 75 and in some areas of the city, it has increased from Rs 73 to Rs 74 per KG.

The government had set its price at Rs. 67.50 per KG before Dec 2016. However, the government increased CNG prices by Rs. 2.18 in mid-December.

There are many factors which add on to this problem, for example, the lack of digital meters. At times, CNG station employees work with stations which do not have digital meters and easily cheat consumers by robbing an extra 1-2 rupees per KG.

Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association Sindh, Shabbir Sulemanji said that the price of CNG across Karachi ranges from Rs. 73 to Rs. 75 under the current regime. He said that adding up the costs for gas, taxes and duties, the prices have increased from Rs. 55/Kg to Rs. 61/Kg over the last 3-4 months.

Another issue might be electricity. Electricity tariff is also the highest for CNG stations compared with other parts of the country, this adds on to the costs including power bill, labour charges, etc. Activists work to solve this issue with the government, however, it will take some time to resort.

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