cloudburst in islamabad
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[July 29th, 2021]: The cloudburst in Islamabad that led to flash floods and left two people dead was not really a cloudburst, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). They said that the rain spell in Islamabad was due to the monsoon.

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In talks with a local news channel, PMD said that receiving this amount (123 mm) of rain is normal during the monsoon. Moreover, they have also said that Islamabad should expect this intense rainfall in the future as well.

[July 28th, 2021]: Floods and disasters as a consequence of rain is a common phenomenon for Karachi. But seeing it in Islamabad, the well-kept, federal capital of Pakistan, is just unimaginable. The cloudburst in Islamabad, on July 28, 2021, led to the most horrifying videos surfacing on the internet today.

Cloudburst in Islamabad

The name cloudburst comes from the archaic idea that clouds are solid bodies containing water. In reality, however, this happens in deserts or mountainous areas when there is a violent uprush of warm air. Consequently, the rising air prevents the condensing raindrops from falling. As a result, one witnesses heavy rain in concentrated areas.

On the morning of 28th July, Islamabad experienced a cloudburst that affected only two sectors but the damage is extremely horrible. The worst affected areas were E-11 and D-12.

Videos from Islamabad

The videos show how heavy rain is increasing the water level in rivers and dams.

It seems that rain fell heavily that it even swept the road away.

Karachi is used to such scenes, but Islamabad is known for being clean. With the rushing flood that brought the waste from all over to the main streets, it must be traumatic for the Islamabadis.

Islamabad was designed in a way to account for most situations. It seems situations like this cloudburst was also included in it because the water was quick to drain out. However, the new societies surrounding Islamabad are not designed the same way. The water won’t drain out on its own in those areas.

Seeing these videos, we just hope no one was out on the streets as the water was sweeping along roads’ debris and cars.

One cannot even begin to imagine what the after-rain image of this would look like.

While these were horrifying videos, we can not discount the fact that the city in question is Islamabad. Measures will quickly be taken to make it clean and beautiful again. Meanwhile, Karachi has still not properly recovered from even the last year’s rains.

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