Google's New Tool for trees
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As the current existing generation on this planet, it comes to us as a responsibility to save the environment. We have to save behind a world for the next generations of people to come. If we continue on the same path of destruction and deforestation, there may not be a planet left to save. T

The movie ‘Interstellar’ even showed how much humans actually managed to cause turmoil and chaos. They achieved such a point that they had to plan an exit route from Earth! Let us keep that film as a lesson on what not to do to Mother Nature. In light of saving the environment, Google’s New Tool can actually help us save it. Since what we lack is the plantation of trees to a massive extent, this new tool can enable us to go beyond those bounds.

Google's tree plantation new tool
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Saving The Environment:

The removal of mangrove forests in Pakistan became a dire issue once. Since mangroves are planted near the river, they are essential for us. Pakistan’s agro-based economy depends heavily on its rivers. So, Pakistan began a series of activities to save the mangrove forests. Nearly a decade later, we stand at a better than all that time ago.

So how has Google managed to come up with a tool to plant trees? Must they have employed some form of technology to achieve this result? Yes, that is exactly what they did. They are using Artificial Intelligence in aerial imagery to figure out where trees need to be planted. Right now, the operation is taking place in Los Angeles, but their plans extend beyond those bounds!

The New Tool:

What they are doing is image processing. Image processing is quite useful when it comes to 21dt century technology. Even self-driving cars intend to use that form of technology for navigation. Google uses images taken by planes during all four seasons. Then Google AI scans these images and detects where the trees are in each one.

The data from Los Angeles states that 50% of the population lives in areas with less than 10% of tree coverage. Additionally, it showed that 44% of the population lives in extreme heat risk areas. Both these places require canopies and tree layers for more coverage. Right now, they are mapping the entire city of Los Angeles to get accurate results and act accordingly. The more trees they plant, the better it is for the environment.

New Tool by Google to plant trees
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The Meaning Of Life:

This is an initial step for Google’s New Tool, but it can go far. Since the lack of trees is an issue common in many parts of the world, the same technology can be employed. We hope that Pakistan can get a whiff of this tool as well. We are in dire need of more trees and human-made forests.

Google is taking enormous bounds forward. Be it technology related to the environment or urban lifestyle; Google is dipped in all of them.

About trees, a wise person once stated, ‘Someone who plants a tree, knowing they will not live long enough to see it grow, has finally begun to understand the meaning of life.’

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