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When bored of watching action and comedy movies, Pakistani Awaam creates its own horror movie. Recently, a video circulated on the internet of a “Churail” walking on monkey-bars and then disappearing into the tree in Askari IV Park. *Goosebumps*

Every now and then, you hear stories about Jinns, Churails, Spirits, and what not! Although these events seem to be true, one cannot vouch for their authenticity. But this time, the case is somehow different.

The shocking part of the entire incident is these boys actually recorded the video of this “Churail” rather than running away from that spot. Where the Churail’s scream was deadly enough to scare the guts out of one person, kudos to these champs who kept on recording the whole scene.

Watch the video here:

After a few hours of this video being up on the internet, it gained much attention and was shared copiously.

People couldn’t resist making a joke out of this spooky video.

Some people were even skeptic about it.

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