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Unqualified personnel in any field can be harmful. However, there are some industries where not being qualified can be really disastrous. A case in point is the airline pilots’ issue. After a tragedy, it was revealed that many Pakistani pilots were unlicensed. But then again, this revelation came after the incident. Similar to that happened with regard to the medical industry, specifically Chughtai Lab.

#BanChughtaiLab on Twitter

The hashtag #BanChughtaiLab started trending on Twitter. As it turns out, there was carelessness regarding a case of blood transfusion. One might think it’s a non-issue, but when it comes to the medical field, nothing really is a non-issue. And the non-issues in medicine can lead to someone losing their life, so there is no vacancy for non-issue in this field.

Chughtai Lab Incident

Apparently, the patient named Kiran was supposed to receive a blood transfusion. According to the reports by Minhaj Lab, another laboratory, the patient had blood group B.

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However, Chughtai Lab and SurgiMed Lab put the blood group as AB. as a result, the patient in the situation got the renal infection and ultimately kidney failure.

Twitter reactions

The whole of Twitter got infuriated at this and demanded that the lab be banned for this.

They also said that if, after charging extremely high prices, this will be the performance, where an unassuming person got an infection she was not even in the hospital for, then what is really happening in the world?

Others brought another point of view to the table. They said that instead of haphazardly banning the lab, the administration should be made better. Moreover, the government should take an active interest in their administration so such issues can be avoided in the future.

Accidents can happen anywhere, but knowing that the field of medicine requires everyone to be on their toes at all times, such a basic mistake is unimaginable. Not to mention what the patient and her family must be going through.

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