chinese company licquor pakistan
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[Update]: With CPEC activities on this rise in Pakistan, the country has seen an influx of Chinese citizens. Considering most of them are non-Muslims and have a lifestyle that includes liquor, the Chinese company, Hui Coastal Brewery will be accommodating that population.

Knowing that the citizens start backlash on anything remotely linked to alcohol even though there is a brewery at Hub and also, a lot of liquor is illegally imported, authorities have assured that only the Chinese community will get the liquor from the Hui Coastal Brewery. Moreover, this brewery will lead to the creation of employment opportunities for Pakistanis as well as lots of tax generation.

[March 29th, 2021]: A Chinese company has gotten a license in Pakistan to produce something that will surprise you entirely! 

Liquor Being Produced Legitimately?

A Chinese company has managed to officially get a license in Pakistan to manufacture liquor locally. The company, called Hui Coastal Brewery and Distillery Limited, officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) last year.

chinese company licquor pakistan
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On April 30th in 2020 the license was retained for an address in Balochistan.

A Joint Venture?

To add to your surprise, this is actually a part of a joint venture with Balochistan. It appears the headquarters or the factories will be located at the Lasbela Industrial Estate Development Authority. 

The license to produce liquor locally by the Hui Coastal Brewery was issued by Excise, Taxation and Anti-Narcotics Department in Balochistan. Is the “anti-narcotics” department working to have liquor produce naturally so illegal imports of liquor are reduced?

chinese company licquor pakistan
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About the Hui Brewery

The brewery coming to Pakistan soon is the first Chinese company to be establishing its plant in Pakistan. China can be called a hub of liquor production which is why it’s settlement here can lead to great revenues for Pakistan.

The company is renowned for producing some of the most famous names in the liquor industry and it is set to introduce two famous ones here. What is interesting is how the entire process from manufacturing to Pakistan will be done in Lasbela.

What To Feel About it?

This news is bound to invite a variety of responses from the common people. However, some of the ‘pros’ include a huge number of jobs created and prospects of livelihood for previously poverty-stricken people. Greater revenue generation in Balochistan’s less-developed region. This can also act as a signal to other large MNC’s to set up their operations in Pakistan too hence, create a landscape conducive of investments.

chinese company licquor pakistan
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However, it is crucial to note that in the long-run, MNC’s actually drain money out of the country. Moreover, the increasingly specialised jobs they will train the labour in will have no use if this company decides to shut down. So, who is helping who?

The Moral Question

This venture is still on the down-low in the official news hence, many speculations are being made. The moral question of liquor being produced in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” might lead to great opposition too. Thus, it is all the more important for the government of Balochistan to release official statements!

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