artificial sun
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Science is always trying to go one step further from what we already have. It looks for the future, the ‘what if’; what if the petroleum ends, let’s use renewable fuel; what if the next generation has some disease, let’s tweak children before they are born; what if the sun dies. So this is what Chinese scientists were wondering probably, ‘what if the sun dies?’ And they came up with a solution. They decided to make an artificial sun.

The sun activated 

In fact, they are done making it. China has activated its new daring product, which they plan to use as an energy source. If it becomes sustainable, they will probably use it for years and years.

According to a state-run publication in China:

“The development of nuclear fusion energy is not only a way to solve China’s strategic energy needs, but also has great significance for the future sustainable development of China’s energy and national economy.”

The nuclear fusion reactor was fired up on Friday for the first time. The scientific name for the reactor was HL-2M Tokamak reactor. This test was significant for China, considering it was among one of the efforts to develop safer forms of nuclear energy.

artificial sun
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China is working with several nuclear-powered nations on this International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project. They aim to develop a reliable form of nuclear fusion based on the same concept.

Fission Fusion

The reactor is being called an artificial sun because it is employing the process of nuclear fusion, which is what occurs in the sun. The atomic fission method, breaking an atom into smaller nuclei, is currently being employed in many places globally, but it leaves a massive amount of nuclear waste. Fusion, joining nuclei, is a much more powerful and cleaner process. However, it is difficult to sustain. So we will have to see how China manages to take the artificial sun forward.

Moreover, the process is insanely expensive. So while the scientists figure out a way to sustain the sun, they will also need to determine how to manage its cost.

And considering the artificial sun raises the plasma’s temperature to 150 million C, ten times hotter than the sun itself, let’s just hope nothing goes wrong, potentially destroying the world.

ITER is building another reactor in France. It will be completed constructed by 2025.

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