Chowmein is probably the most popular dish in Chinese cuisine that desi people love and can probably eat all the time. Chinese immigrants in California, in the late 1800s, mixed Cantonese-style stir-fried noodles with local ingredients to create the dish and they probably had no idea that centuries later it would still be the go-to Chinese takeaway for all brown people. It is now eaten all around the world in a variety of ways, with chicken, veggies, tofu, and even prawns. Another variation is desi Chinese Chowmein. But is it Indian desi or Pakistani desi?

Image Source: The Diplomat

Like us, another Twitter user was also wondering the same thing. Here’s Roma’s tweet.

Both Indians and Pakistanis are known for their desi cultural food and since the two countries were the same nation at one point in history, they both share many flavors and spices. Pakistanis are known for their touch of desi masalas whereas Indians are known for their ability to make everything tasty without any meat since a majority of Indians are vegetarians. But regardless, here are some replies the tweet got.

The relationship between India and Pakistan has always sometimes felt like a never-ending episode of Tom and Jerry. They’re always chasing each other over the weirdest things ever, but just when you think one has caught the other, they slip away. This time it’s over Chowmein. However, only time will tell if they’ll ever put their differences aside and live happily ever after.

But what do you think? Is Pakistani Chowmein better or Indian? Let us know in the comments below.

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