Pakistanis demand justice
Image Source: SBS

With the Lahore Motorway incident going viral and the whole of Pakistan is tuning into what the result of the whole fiasco is going to be. Many rumors circulated as to who could be the criminal and whether the issue is being propagated to undermine some other problem or not. But at the end of the day, Pakistanis demand justice for the gang-rape victim.

Punishment Suggestions

There were several suggestions on how to serve justice appropriately. In those suggestions, the top two were public hanging and castration. The former was being suggested because of the idea that a woman’s life ends when an incident like this occurs. The suggestion of castration was relevant because an immediate death would not be painful to the rapist; rather, it would be a sharp relief.

Twitter trends with #ChemicalCastrationForRapists 

Following these suggestions, twitter overflowed with the hashtag of #ChemicalCastrationForRapists. People wanted these culprits to suffer each moment. The idea was that the offenders need to be ‘tamed’ so the Pakistani women and children feel safe.

The civilian mafia said:

“There is genuinely no other option. We need to protect our women, children at all costs. These animals need taming. Take away their ability to commit such heinous crimes. Let them live the rest of their lives in shame.”

Some suggested that it should not even be done chemically. For such a heinous crime, we should go back to the old ways and do it in a way to make them experience the pain the victim experienced.

Taking the opportunity, some Pakistanis raised the issue of Pedophilia as well. They suggested that the same punishment should be carried out on pedophiles too.

The PM Addresses

Pakistanis were demanding justice from the police as well as the Prime Minister. Their calls were answered when after a period of silence and announcing that the victim-blaming CCPO will not be laid off, the PM returned to the limelight.

Imran Khan discussed his suggested punishment for the culprits. Much to his voters’ happiness, the PM said he believed in the chemical castration of rapers. He said that we need to categorize this offense systematically. So, for instance, there are first, second, third-degree murders. Similarly, we should order this offense as well. Then, the first-degree rapist should be chemically castrated so that they become useless.

While Pakistanis demand justice, PM has presented the bill. We will have to wait and see if it gets approved. Maybe then it will scare some of the potential criminals. And perhaps then, the women will be able to roam the streets freely.

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