Islamabad – 14th October 2023 – In the midst World Cup event Cheezious Pakistan has emerged as the ray of hope, delivering a sensational World Cup anthem titled “Khel Khushiyon Ka” that resonates deeply with the emotions and sentiments of every Pakistani.

Hashim Nawaz, renowned for his role in the Pindi Boys, “Khel Khushiyon Ka” has transcended the realm of ordinary anthems, touching hearts with its lyrical brilliance and profound message, addressing the myriad issues associated with this year’s World Cup. The lyrics of song, “Sab ko bata do, ham ne banana, maidan e jang ko maidan e aman ha! Sir ko jhukka ke hum detay shikast, Khushiyon ko banteyn, hum mitatay ghum,” encapsulate the essence of the Pakistani spirit when it comes to cricket. The anthem reflects our unwavering support for our beloved cricket team and our collective yearning for joy and victory.

Zohaib Hassan, the Head of Marketing at Cheezious Pakistan, expressed that the primary objective behind “Khel Khushiyon Ka” was to create an anthem with lyrics that resonate deeply with the people. This anthem goes beyond the clichés of diss tracks or rap jingles, instead aiming to connect with the hearts and minds of all Pakistanis. “Khel Khushiyon Ka” is a heartfelt tribute to our Boys in Green and the unshakable passion we hold for cricket.

As the ICC World Cup unfolds, “Khel Khushiyon Ka” promises to be the anthem that unites the nation, ignites the spirits of cricket enthusiasts, and reminds us all that cricket is more than just a game; it’s the embodiment of our joy, pride, and unity.

“Khel Khushiyon Ka” is now available for streaming on all major social media platforms of Cheezious, ensuring that every Pakistani can partake in this musical celebration of our love for cricket.