Lahore – 12th March, 2024– Cheezious, the renowned Pakistan’s number one fast food brand, took a momentous pause in its daily operations to honor and appreciate its invaluable team during the annual employee event held on the 1st of Ramadan. In a remarkable gesture of gratitude, Cheezious demonstrated its unwavering commitment to its employees, recognizing their significant role in the company’s growth.

The event, which included a temporary halt in business operations, was a heartfelt tribute to the hardworking individuals who have been instrumental in the success and growth of Cheezious. The management acknowledges that every milestone achieved by Cheezious is a testament to the dedication and effort put forth by its exceptional team.

On this occasion Head of Marketing at Cheezious Zohaib Hassan Said, “I am thrilled to lead initiatives that not only showcase our brand’s culinary excellence but also underscore our commitment to our most valuable asset – our employees. The annual employee event, held on the auspicious 1st of Ramadan, is a moment of reflection and gratitude for the hard work and dedication our team brings to Cheezious. Our growth is a testament to their efforts, and this event is a small token of appreciation for their unwavering commitment. ”

The event not only celebrated the professional achievements of the employees but also emphasized the sense of community within the Cheezious family. As the company continues to evolve and expand, the management remains committed to nurturing a positive and supportive work environment.