The most well-known AI chatbot created by a startup supported by Microsoft, ChatGPT, was introduced late last year. It’s capable of writing queries and answers that sound human. Because of its sophisticated natural language processing abilities, ChatGPT, an Artificial language model built on the GPT-3.5 architecture, has attracted attention on a global scale.

ChatGPT Down

ChatGPT has a wide range of uses, from chatbots and customer service to content creation and language translation. It can recognize and produce human-like language. It is a well-liked tool among both organizations and individuals due to its outstanding performance and adaptability. It is almost as if people have stopped working manually and are now completely reliant on ChatGPT.

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This month saw the release of GPT 4, an updated and newer model. GPT 4 has a system that can sense both texts and visuals, making it “multimodal” in nature. According to a number of complaints that had been made with the health monitoring service Down Detector, OpenAI’s well-known artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has purportedly ceased to function for its customers everywhere in the world. Many complaints have been made on the website about ChatGPT and GPT 4 claiming that the chatbot is unresponsive and continually loads. The website addressing problems with OpenAI products had “outage on” written on it, and there had been a number of incidences in recent days.

Internet users, like usual, immediately started tweeting to confirm whether the outage is occurring globally or just in their area. Here, have a look.

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