charsi tikka owner
The owner of Peshawar’s renowned Charsi Tikka in Namkamandi has been arrested on accusations of engaging in inappropriate behaviour with his foreign tourists.

Overenthusiastic hospitality landed Charsi Tikka eatery owner in hot water recently with foreign tourists in Namkamandi, Peshawar.

According to sources, Nisar Khan took ‘customer service’ to a whole new level and kissed his customers on the road, which included a woman.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) charged him for indecent conduct as images related to the incident surfaced on social media platforms.

charsi tikka owner

The owner of Charsi Tikka has been taken into police custody following the registration of a case against him under Section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code in Peshawar.

This isn’t the first time Khan is being accused of non-consensual behaviour with tourists, particularly those from abroad.

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