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New developments are being made in the world every day. Whether it is related to technology or the automotive industry, there is no doubt that the world is moving forward. In the midst of this, there is specific news that tends to leave readers in a state of shock. It is like when Elon Musk recently tweeted #bitcoing and stocks jumped high!

Despite the pandemic setting us back in 2020, the world has begun to emerge forward in new and innovative ways. Fine dining used to be one of the most significant norms; outdoor eateries have everyone spending their time in the open air.

This shows that life found a way to creep through the dark crevices of the coronavirus. Ian Malcolm from ‘Jurassic Park’ was right about this! Speaking of news, would you like to see what slid across our desk today? It involves the UAE and citizenship!

UAE Citizenship
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Getting A Citizenship:

When a person has spent enough time in a country, working, or living with a family, they are often given citizenship. They are a sign that shows the person has been living there long enough to be called a local. In the US, one has to stay there and work or live for at least five years to be considered citizenship.

It is quite a cool thing to have more than one citizenship in the world. It gives rise to the diversity of the person’s life. Having access to more than one country on a citizenship basis provides the person with a higher point. This is as if a person learned more than one skillset, so there is bound to be some benefit of that, no? However, the UAE is a place where getting a citizenship was, basically impossible. That is, until now!

UAE Law Change:

According to various verified sources, the UAE has made specific changes to its citizenship law. Initially, someone couldn’t get citizenship over there. You could spend your whole life working there, but if your work was complete, you must leave. The writer of this article is familiar with many people who had to return to Pakistan because the UAE did not grant them citizenship.

It was interesting to note that Sophia the robot was given citizenship in the Middle East where humans did not. Foreigners come later; even the locals did not get it! However, the new law now states that you can get citizenship quite conveniently, along with your whole family! There are some reasons for the UAE doing this; one is because they require skilled people in the country.

UAE gives citizenship now to people
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Interesting Development:

This citizenship stands for investors, skilled professionals as well as doctors and artists. As we already mentioned, they and their families are eligible for applying. This is also done while keeping in light, socio-economic development. Allowing people to reside in the country opens it up for more development opportunities.

Another one of UAE citizenship benefits is that the holder can establish or own commercial entities and properties. Is that not a step forward in development?

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