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How many of you have been reaching for the bag of potato chips these few days? Or have been munching on some cookies while binge-watching a show on Netflix? Well, you’re not alone. Bingeing during the coronavirus crisis isn’t just about Netflix.

Masses are plowing through the pandemic with Oreos and mac and cheese, as stress-eating and boredom propel them through their lockdown provisions. We feel you!

However, if you intend to cut back on sugar and carbs to maintain/reduce weight – then we’re here to help.

Here’s how you can shed pounds while sitting at home:

1. Load up on fruits and vegetables: 

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As cliche as this sounds, plants are right for you. We’ve heard that all our lives consume our greens, and we’ll be okay. If you crave sugar and wish to snack, opt for fruits like apples and bananas that are readily available right now.

This might not be as easy, but whenever it is possible to get hold of fresh produce, do so. Using fresh vegetables to cook large batches of soups, stews, or other dishes will make them last longer and provide meal options for a few days. These can also be frozen where possible and then quickly reheated.

2. Swap fresh produce with canned goods

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It’s no surprise that getting your hands on fresh products will be difficult so you can resort to some canned beans, chickpeas, and canned corn provides an abundance of nutrients, can be stored for months, and can be included in meals in many ways.

The canned tuna is rich in protein, omega three fatty acids, and a range of vitamins and minerals. These can be used cold in sandwiches, salads or pasta dishes, or cooked as part of a warm meal and be delicious.

Dried goods like dried beans, pulses, and grains such as lentils, split peas, rice, are also nutritious, long-lasting options that are tasty, affordable, and filling. Rolled oats cooked with milk or water can serve as an excellent breakfast option and can be spiced up with yogurt, chopped fruits or raisins.

3. Make cooking and eating fun and meaningful part of your family routine

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Cooking and eating together is an excellent way to create healthy habits, strengthen family bonds, and enjoy. Wherever you can, involve your children in food preparation – small children can help with washing or sorting food items while older children can take on more complex tasks and help to set the table.

Try as much as possible to stick to fixed mealtimes as a family. Such structures and routines can help reduce anxiety for children in these stressful situations.

4. Limit highly-processed foods 

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While using fresh produce may not always be possible, try to limit the amount of highly processed foods in your shopping basket. Avoid purchasing bags of chips or boxed juices since they contain sugar, and processed food will result in weight gain. If they aren’t around you, you won’t eat them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Try also to avoid sugary drinks and instead drink lots of water. Adding fruits or vegetables like lemon, lime, cucumber slices or berries to water is a great way to add an extra twist of flavor.

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