Oshan X7 and MG HS comparison
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When Crossover vehicles were being manufactured and released one after another, Changan made sure to make their mark on the industry too. When MG came out with the MG HS, it was when Changan also came out with the Oshan X7. Both of them directly went head to head and each had their own set of capabilities to boast. However, there are areas where one triumphs over the other and we are here to take a look at those today.

Crossover SUV’s elevated driving position provides better visibility on the road, enhancing safety and confidence for drivers. This is something a person would notice first and foremost when sitting in the MG HS or the Changan Oshan X7. It really makes the person feel like they are sitting inside something premium, no matter which car.

Changan Oshan X7 and MG HS comparison
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Oshan X7 and MG HS Engines

In the engine and transmission department, Oshan X7’s 1.5L turbocharged TGDI Euro-6 engine with 185 horsepower and 300 Nm torque surpasses MG HS’s 1.5L turbocharged Euro-5 engine producing 160 horsepower and 250 Nm torque. This shows that the Oshan X7 is certainly more powerful than the MG HS and can accelerate faster.

Additionally, Oshan X7 outperforms MG HS in dimensions, boasting a larger size as well as a more aggressive look. Both models feature a 7-speed DCT gearbox and four drive modes. Oshan X7 incorporates start/stop technology, pointing towards better fuel efficiency compared to MG HS.

MG HS and other cars to have in crossover
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Features And Safety Of Passengers

Exterior features are quite similar, with both models equipped with LED lights, electrically adjustable mirrors, panoramic sunroof, and a powered tailgate. MG HS leads in interior features, offering more amenities than Oshan X7.

However, when it comes to safety features, the Oshan X7 takes the cake yet again with a more comprehensive focus on safety. Smart Proximity Entry, Smart Exit, front parking sensors, DVR, and an On-Board Car Diagnostic System are all part of Changan’s beast. That said, the price of the MG HS is lesser than Oshan X7 currently on the market too.

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