Changan CX70 Price in Pakistan

The Changan CX70 SUV is a spacious ride offered by Changan Auto. The vehicle first rolled-off the production belts in 2016 and since then has dominated many roads and countless hearts.

Under the Hood

With a rear engine and front-wheel drive, the Changan CX-70 is equipped with a 1.6liter (coded 4G18M2) engine with 5 MT. It was initially built for commercial purposes before it became a family car.

Vehicle Specifications

Changan CX70 price in pakistan

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Changan CX70 Specs

The trendy and stylish and elegant SUV has an aggressive look to it, making it even more appealing. It has been designed to give drivers and passengers a feel of both beauty and the hidden beat which lies within it and is yet to be explored.

The integrated U-shaped cab, outfitted with high-quality interior accouterments, including tasteful brown leather seats, and a smart dual-mode sunroof that opens up the infinite view will leave everyone astonished.

Space & Cabin

Changan CX70

The large 7-seater has a 2+3+2 seat layout with multi-functional and highly flexible features. it has twenty-one internal storage compartments provide up to 3,810 liters of space. It also was a large 11-in central screen with intelligent dual central screen offering premium audio/video entertainment to all passengers.

The SUV is highly adaptable and has a high-performance suspension to prove it. It has 18 new technological features including 360-degree noise reduction technology and Six-point parking radar along with 5-star security and safety design.


Price of CX70 SUV is rumored around PKR 2.5 million.

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