Dil Ka Rishta has become the largest matrimonial app in Pakistan. With AI-based broadcasting filters, the website ensures you find a 100% verified rishta. They aim to create meaningful connections that lead to lifelong happiness and facilitate all those looking for a partner. Their brand new subscriber is no other than Chahat Fateh Ali Khan! A well-known comedian, popular for the humorous and unique way he presents music.

This internet singing sensation, Kashif Rana, rose to fame during COVID after streaming some of his most hilarious parodies. But before he took over the music industry, Kashif was a cricketer. He played two first-class games in the Lahore region before moving to the UK in search of a better future.

For some entertainment, here’s a link to one of his recent songs:

Recently after campaigning in the 2024 elections, he faced some setbacks. In the field of politics, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan faced an, unfortunately expected, defeat. Despite that, he has already brushed off the experience and has ventured onto something new. Perhaps even more exciting.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Search for Love

After signing up for this online dating app, he expressed his honest opinions about it. He explained after being impressed by its popularity he thought fit to try it out for himself. It turns out… Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is looking for a Mrs. Fateh Ali Khan. WOW! After what we can only assume was a delightful experience, he has been encouraging all individuals looking for a partner to test it out too.

Could this be a brand deal?

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