Model in Chahat Fateh Ali’s new song Bado Badi has come forward and expressed regret about working with him. The model, Wajdan Rao, has addressed rumors about her supposed leaked videos. She shared her experience after the music video skyrocketed, in a detailed statement. After the Bado Bado music video skyrocketed, she faced challenges. Wajdan clarified that the images in circulation were shared by her, and had no malicious intent whatsoever.

Bado Badi Model Shares Detailed Statement

In an interview, Wajdan cleared out almost all misconceptions built around her. She shared that she was unaware of how viral this video may go. Wajdan said to her, it was simply an interesting activity to take part in. She shared that Chahat Fateh Ali and her are miles apart, plus they have a daughter-father-like relationship.

However, now she fully regrets working with Chahat and considers it perhaps her biggest mistake. After their project, she began to receive degrading comments. She even said that renowned singers like Atif Aslam should speak against Chahat Fateh.

Chahat Fateh Ali’s Fans Come To His Rescue

After noticing Chahat Fateh’s being wrongfully accused and derailed for things he hasn’t done, his fans hurried to his rescue. After hearing statements made by the model about the industry banning Chahat, they could not bear it any longer.

chahat fateh comments

Fans have pointed out that the model in fact owes all her fame and popularity to Chahat Fateh Ali and hence should not be badmouthing him like so. Moreover, netizens gathered in the comment section to defend Chahat and point out that after gaining popularity, the model is now turning her back on him.

Lastly, though Chahat Fateh Ali has yet to address the statement spoken about him, it is unfortunate to see how a colleague is requesting a ban on him by the industry.

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