After an alleged ban on dance performances in schools, Punjab has now declared a ban on teachers wearing jeans and using cellular devices in classrooms, reports the

The District Education Authority has imposed the following rules to be followed by all schools:

  • All Grade IV are now bound to follow a black dress code while they are on duty
  • The presence of dustbin has been made compulsory in every classroom
  • No letter of any kind can be penned by the teacher to any authority
  • Teachers can only go on pilgrimage during the holidays season
  • No student will sit on the ground during classes
  • School head has been banned from suspending a Grade IV employee
  • Strict action will be taken against violation of any rule.

Punjab Bans Dancing at School Events?

On Monday, a ban was imposed by the Punjab School Education Department (PSED) on dancing performances of children in schools on various events, reports the Express Tribune.

As per the notification issued by the body, dance performances by children on school events like a parents-teachers meeting, sports day, culture day, have been banned and labeled as “immoral activities” by the government of Punjab.

However, as soon as the news went viral and was picked up by media outlets, Government of Punjab took to Twitter and deem the report ‘fake’

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